Khan begins to stretch, as Leanne, one of the yacht’s yoga instructors, lights an incense stick. They decide they’re going to do the Sun Salutation, one of the more basic yoga routines.

Looks like the Eagles’ most famous season-ticket holder, Mike Trout, will have some frozen January football to cheer.

Did Senator McCain go batcrap? Is there no standard we can hold African-American athletes to? … So there is an opportunity and I think a responsibility to put away emotion and occasionally act strategically when someone is trolling you.

The most pressing question: What to do with Jordan, who can hit free agency this summer? Re-sign him for $25 million or more, and the Clippers could have $60-70 million devoted to two big men in the summers of 2019 and 2020 — moments they have targeted to strike in free agency. They’d have to strip the roster bare to (maybe) carve out max space for that elusive star free agent.

A bigger-than-expected cap jump would help. Even given one, they’d have to trade Danilo Gallinari to open any space in the summer of 2019. They also have long-term decisions to make on Rivers and Beverley, who will seek a raise in 2019-20 if he keeps playing like this. Going all-in on Griffin-Jordan could be a ticket to a bunch of 45- to 48-win seasons.

“I assume the response by the lawyer to the cease and desist letter will be, ‘The appropriate party to raise this claim is NC State, not you, WWE. I also assume WWE has a response to that, because they wouldn’t have written that letter otherwise.”

Sapolsky and his parent company, WWN, are no longer streaming live on FloSlam due to an ongoing legal dispute. Yet the shows in Queens, New York and East Haven, Connecticut will be available to wrestling fans.