With Blake Griffin, Patrick Beverley and Danilo Gallinari sidelined by injuries, playing hard has to be the Los Angeles Clippers’ calling card.

“We kept a high-scoring team under 100 points. That’s pretty good, man,” Austin Rivers said. “This is the biggest win for us. We kept playing and fighting.”

The Cardinals also said Stanton had declined to accept a deal to St. Louis.

Replay correctly awarded the ball to the Jaguars, but, without the touchdown, Jacksonville was still up just six points and the Browns had all three of their timeouts. With the Jaguars playing things conservatively, that meant Cleveland would probably get at least one more shot to score a touchdown and win the game.

Or, as it turns out, at least one more play.

Only 24 seconds came off the clock before the Browns got the ball back again. Starting from their 20-yard line, they had 1:24 to go 80 yards to pay dirt.

Of those five teams, four had chances make the playoffs by winning their respective divisions. The Vikings (vs. Panthers), Eagles (vs. Rams), Steelers (vs. Ravens) and Patriots (Monday night vs. Dolphins) simply needed victories this week to win the NFC North, NFC East, AFC North and AFC East, respectively. The Jaguars need a bunch of help from other teams, but they could clinch a playoff berth in Week 14.

The growing list of scenarios in which teams can clinch playoff spots makes each remaining week of the 2017 regular season that much more exciting. That’s why many eyes were on Vikings vs. Panthers in Carolina, Seahawks vs. Jaguars in Jacksonville and Eagles vs. Rams in Los Angeles. And Sunday’s nightcap, Ravens vs. Steelers in Pittsburgh, was far from a dud.

Ngakoue swooped in, relieved Kizer of the ball, and effectively ended the game. Smith would eventually fall on that fumble in the end zone for a touchdown that finally put the game out of reach for Cleveland. It wasn’t quite a walk-off sack and caused fumble, but it was damned close.