The Tennessee Titans will be missing a significant part of their offense Saturday with DeMarco Murray officially ruled out for a Wild Card matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Murray, 29, suffered a knee injury in a Week 16 loss to the Los Angeles Rams and missed the team’s season finale against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the veteran still recovering, Tennessee has been forced to turn to Derrick Henry, a 2016 second-round pick who split carries with Murray prior to the injury.

When Kamara eventually got back on the field, he knew that he was not playing for the rest of the season, so he loafed through drills. Saban created a punishment system called The Box, specifically for Kamara, which was four cones set up on the sideline where he would be sent to do push-ups, sit-ups and body weight squats for the duration of practice. He was suspended for the team’s game against LSU in November and again for the Sugar Bowl in January. By that point, Kamara had already decided he was transferring.

“I started feeling like this isn’t it, this isn’t for me,” Kamara says. “I had to follow my gut. Follow my heart.”

It led to a three-and-out. That in turn led to a punishing, physically dominant eight-minute, 14-play field-goal drive, featuring a third down catch-and-run by Jay Ajayi for 32 yards.

The issue with that is New Orleans can commit extra defenders to that and can spy Newton while it trusts its Cameron Jordan-led pass rush and Marshon Lattimore-led coverage to keep Carolina from hitting on big plays in the passing game.

Because of the running game, Brees has enjoyed one of his best, most efficient and most consistent seasons of his career, right before he turns 39 on Jan. 15. Newton has been riding a roller-coaster in contrast and goes into the playoffs coming off his worst performance of the season.

When asked earlier this week if Bell still believed in his statement he said, Yes, I do, adding that it was just a hunch.

I know how hard he works, Bell said, via And I know all the work and the time бн he’s been putting in, and I’m confident he’ll be back.

Bell isn’t the only teammate hopeful about Brown’s return this postseason. Center Maurkice Pouncey told reporters Brown wanted to come back to practice last week, but the team had to hold him back.giants_131