Vikings star cornerback Xavier Rhodes left the game against the Saints with an injury in the fourth quarter.

Leonard Fournette has three rushing touchdowns and 100 yards. Blake Bortles has made plays when they needed him to, and his first passing touchdown of the game went to a fullback:

Fullbacks can do more than just block, and Tommy Bohanon showed that he’s got the hands worthy of an AFC Championship appearance.

The score put the Jaguars up 42-28 with just over four minutes to go. Bohanon was the ninth different receiver that Bortles completed a pass to Sunday.

That Jaguars drive was eight plays and went for 75 yards in under five minutes. Sunday has been quite the turnaround compared to their performance against the Bills in which they put up just 10 points.

“I knew not to come late. I found a couple nice places (to live) that are about 15 or 20 minutes away my rookie year and I was like ‘Nah, I’ll do the three minutes away,’” he said Wednesday.

Three minutes away, if your car can’t make it, you can always throw some skins on the skis and get there that way.

Moving around at even the most basic level SUCKS when it’s cold, and if there’s a nuclear winter storm swirling overhead, you should probably just stay in bed. My college GPA suffered because I maintained a rule about not walking to class when wind chills fell below zero (OK, below 20 degrees).

None of this is an excuse if you work for Belichick and have “do your job” scrolling across the bottom of the screen in your head at all times. We could all use a Belichick in our lives.

Practice starts at 10:35 a.m. ET on Thursday. Don’t be late.

The Seahawks will face the Raiders, who are the “home” team in this one, on Oct. 14 at the new Tottenham Hotpur stadium.

The Jaguars will “host” the Eagles on either Oct. 21 or 28. Whichever one of those dates the Jags and Eagles don’t end up playing will be the date when the Chargers will “host” the Titans. Both of those games will happen at Wembley Stadium.

Just a week and a half before the Tide’s 2013 season started, Kamara partially tore his lateral meniscus on a non-contact play and was red-shirted. It was the first significant injury he had ever suffered, and he responded by shutting everyone out. He didn’t return calls or texts from coaches or trainers, locking himself in his dorm suite all day. Staff members started to worry, asking if he was OK—not physically, but mentally. He told everyone he was fine, but as he lay in bed the word “why” kept repeating in his head.patriots_051_666bb1bf85488dae-180x180