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Archives for: November 30, 2017

What the players could decide to do could be a variety of things, though.

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Woodcock leans over and gives Khan an update. He’s just received a message from a Jaguars PR staffer at the stadium: “Calais Campbell is rounding up the team in 10 minutes. I think they’re planning something.” Khan nods. “If our players are getting together, developing exactly what they want to do, we’ll find out what it is and support them,” he says.

Of the two big KHL imports to the NHL this season (Dadonov and Vadim Shipachyov), it looks like we have one Artemi Panarin and one Sergei Plotnikov. While Shipachyov has been suspended by the Vegas Golden Knights for leaving their AHL affiliate and appears to be on the verge of a return to Russia, Dadonov is excelling in his NHL return on the Panthers’ top line.

That said, he has looked fine so far, and the Blues’ top six has remained exceptionally productive through the first month. Only the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals have more combined points than the Blues among their top four forwards.

It’s premature to give up on Aho completely for his sophomore season, but he’s the type of player who can spend some time on the waiver wire in shallow leagues until he gets it going.

“The current mission is to dominate the wXw world tag league,” said Jay. “Being 100 percent on the same page is our goal.”

MLW One-Shot is set to take place this Thursday in Orlando, Florida, and the card that Court Bauer has built is one worth watching.

Wrestling’s lifelines are creativity, energy, and realism. All three will be on display at One-Shot, and the card represents a legitimate opportunity to impress the wrestling community.

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Now Philly doesn’t go on the road until the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

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Khan begins to stretch, as Leanne, one of the yacht’s yoga instructors, lights an incense stick. They decide they’re going to do the Sun Salutation, one of the more basic yoga routines.

Looks like the Eagles’ most famous season-ticket holder, Mike Trout, will have some frozen January football to cheer.

Did Senator McCain go batcrap? Is there no standard we can hold African-American athletes to? … So there is an opportunity and I think a responsibility to put away emotion and occasionally act strategically when someone is trolling you.

The most pressing question: What to do with Jordan, who can hit free agency this summer? Re-sign him for $25 million or more, and the Clippers could have $60-70 million devoted to two big men in the summers of 2019 and 2020 — moments they have targeted to strike in free agency. They’d have to strip the roster bare to (maybe) carve out max space for that elusive star free agent.

A bigger-than-expected cap jump would help. Even given one, they’d have to trade Danilo Gallinari to open any space in the summer of 2019. They also have long-term decisions to make on Rivers and Beverley, who will seek a raise in 2019-20 if he keeps playing like this. Going all-in on Griffin-Jordan could be a ticket to a bunch of 45- to 48-win seasons.

“I assume the response by the lawyer to the cease and desist letter will be, ‘The appropriate party to raise this claim is NC State, not you, WWE. I also assume WWE has a response to that, because they wouldn’t have written that letter otherwise.”

Sapolsky and his parent company, WWN, are no longer streaming live on FloSlam due to an ongoing legal dispute. Yet the shows in Queens, New York and East Haven, Connecticut will be available to wrestling fans.

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The Pistons enjoyed a productive weekend out west, winning back-to-back over the Clippers and Dubs.

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Sat: The number of times the player missed a game. Players are not charged “Stiff” points for sitting out, nor does it impact their overall consistency rating (CR), but it hurts their overall start percentage (Start%).

It is not clear when Gordon suffered the foot injury, nor has its exact nature been specified, but it was enough to restrict him in practice daily. He comes into the game against the Patriots as questionable, but according to’s Eric Williams, Gordon said he plans to play Sunday.

When the strike began, McConkey was torn. He was a football player. He wanted to play football. But his whole life he had been taught that teammates stick together, that it is us against them. “As much as I wanted to cross that picket line,” he says, “I was a team guy and it was hard for me to do that.”

Former Attorney General of New Jersey Peter Harvey, an independent advisor appointed by the league, spoke to the media via phone about what they learned over the course of the investigation. Harvey said that he came to the conclusion that Elliott had been physically violent toward his former girlfriend.

In addition to the pink numbers on the AdvoCare and Fastenal Ford Fusions, all Roush Fenway Fords have sported ‘Driven for a Cause’ pink ribbon decals on the C-Post during the month of October. Roush Fenway personnel have supported the cause through at track apparel, wearing #DrivenForACause ribbons each weekend.

To make a dent in the Eastern Conference, the Pistons needed a player or two from their starting core to outperform expectations — and Tobias Harris obliged. He and CJ McCollum are the only players in the NBA this season to score 100 points while turning over the ball five times or fewer.

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Griffin has already run 41 pick-and-rolls, by far the most among all traditional big men

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Four games in, and Antetokounmpo is averaging 36.8 points, 10.8 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 2.3 steals, and 1.3 blocks per game.

Four games in, and Antetokounmpo is this year’s Russell Westbrook — a high-volume mega-super-duper-star on a statistical joyride for the ages.

Going off averages (important this early in the season with so few games played), he’s hitting 15.64 on the Player Rater. Good for No. 1 overall.

After an 11-22 campaign in 2016-17, energy is important. So is talent, which Bamba has in spades. Smart, entering his third year on the Forty Acres, is hoping that Bamba — who could have gone anywhere, including college basketball bluebloods Kentucky or Duke — is the domino that vaults Texas basketball into championship contention. Their working relationship might exist for only six more months, but if it goes favorably for the Longhorns, the impact could reverberate for much longer.

“The goal is simple,” Bamba says. “Just win.”

Smart, 40, left VCU two years ago — a program he guided to five consecutive NCAA tournament appearances and a Final Four — for Texas “to recruit guys like Mo,” he said. “Not just to recruit, but to coach guys like Mo.”

“If something looks suspicious, don’t dismiss it,” said Snow. “Report it. Let it be investigated.

Griffin has already run 41 pick-and-rolls, by far the most among all traditional big men, according to Second Spectrum data. (DeMarcus Cousins is second, having shepherded 25 in one more game.) He can use literally any teammate as a screener: Gallinari, Jordan, or even one of the little guards. “There is no wrong pick-and-roll combination for our team — except for maybe DJ handling the ball,” Griffin says, laughing.

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These are mostly fine except for the weird neck-striping.

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After all, Glass had fired Crean, who fielded two Big Ten championship teams and three Sweet 16 squads in his nine years in Bloomington and was just one season removed from a Big Ten Coach of the Year campaign. But Glass was after national championships, even if the Hoosiers hadn’t claimed one in three decades. “I would argue their expectations cannot be met,” says one Division I assistant coach.

Back at the Cowboys headquarters, Prescott took a break from signing autographs to pull up a photo on his iPhone. He wanted to show off the new cleats Adidas designed for him to wear in the Oct. 8 game against the Packers, the first game of the NFL’s Crucial Catch campaign. The cleats were white with seven ribbons affixed to each side, each a different color to represent awareness for a different cancer. Near the heel was navy, for colon cancer.

I’m only mildly surprised the Dubs don’t have a ham-handed tech innovation weaved through their uniforms to represent their insufferable relationship with Silicon Valley.

Another team whose color scheme doesn’t really evoke its moniker. Why red, Raptors? I’m not sure what much else they could do, but these jerseys are pretty simple for a team named after a dinosaur. Maybe they should throw a triangular pattern on there inspired by an actual raptor’s feathery breast.

Duke Johnson Jr. (1.8 OTD) has scored three touchdowns at the midway point of the season, but his usage suggests he may not be able to match that total during his final eight games. Still the change-of-pace back behind Isaiah Crowell, Johnson has registered two carries from the opponent’s 1-yard line but no additional tries within the 17-yard line. The closest he has been to the end zone on a target is the 15-yard line. A lack of work near the goal line is nothing new for Johnson, who entered 2017 with three touchdowns and a 5.7 OTD in two seasons of work.

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Cam Newton and the Panthers rediscovered a bit of swag in snapping their two-game losing streak.

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Even so, he says, “To be honest with you, I don’t miss playing baseball. I’m the kind of person who accepts things easier than I would say some other people do, you know what I’m saying? Most of us, we get out of the game because it’s somebody else’s decision. Whenever you get out of the game because it’s somebody else’s decision, in your mind you feel like you could still play. I could have played another year if I wanted to. I was just in too much pain.”

Alex Collins (0.7 OTD), meanwhile, has yet to score a touchdown this season, but the reason for it is a lack of usage near the end zone. The impressive big man has one carry from the opponent’s 5-yard line and no additional attempts within 28 yards of the goal line. Seriously. It’s possible (likely?) Baltimore will get Collins more work near the goal line, but it’s hard to count on, considering his first 80 carries this year.

Prescott’s rushing production helps add to his QB1 appeal, but don’t be surprised if he fails to match his 2016 touchdown total on the ground by season’s end.

Demaryius Thomas (1.7 OTD) has been targeted 57 times this season but has yet to score a touchdown. Only Pierre Garcon has been targeted more often among players without a touchdown catch this year. After scoring 10-plus touchdowns in three consecutive seasons (31.0 OTD, 35 TDs during the span), Thomas found the end zone six times in 2015 (6.9 OTD) and five times last season (6.0 OTD). Thomas’ targets are down slightly from last season, but he’s still handling 7.1 per game, which is enough to allow WR2 numbers in PPR leagues.

The mercurial quarterback was more smile than scowl after a somewhat ho-hum performance. Newton completed 18 of 32 passes for 154 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

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Elliott is third in the NFL in rushing with 690 yards in seven games.

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“I [was] driving back from the party, and a little stressed out,” cubsfan333 told ESPN on Monday. “The party was pretty intense. A lot of kids, a lot of movement, a lot of candy.”

Had TCU and Penn State both won on Saturday and stayed undefeated, this could have been very neat and tidy for the committee. The Big 12 and Big Ten front-runners likely would have joined SEC heavyweights and unbeatens Alabama and Georgia in the initial top four, which will be released along with the entire top 25 on Tuesday (7 p.m. ET on ESPN and in the ESPN App). Instead, this looks to be a muddy mess of comparable one-loss teams, with Ohio State and Oklahoma potentially causing a great debate within the Selection Central meeting room.

Failla disagreed, writing that testimony from the NFL appeal hearing made it clear that Goodell was aware of the investigator’s views.

She also backed the NFL’s interest in timely penalties under its personal conduct policy, which three years ago was changed to stiffen penalties in domestic cases.

Elliott is third in the NFL in rushing with 690 yards in seven games. He’s tied for the league lead with six rushing touchdowns.

At the first stoppage, Lakers head coach Luke Walton called Ball over to chat, and Beverley went with him to eavesdrop. Four minutes into the first quarter, Beverley tangled with Ball at center-court, and Beverley shoved him to the floor. “Had to set the tone,” Beverley cooed. After the whistle, he climbed right back into Ball’s personal space. The Clipper bench erupted in approval.

Emmert said he’s confident that the NCAA governance model will survive, in part because no better alternative exists. If university leaders dissolved the NCAA, they would need another organization to direct college sports.bills_003

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